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Realifessence is the region's leading provider of comprehensive healthcare services and the largest recruiter in alternative health. We believe that the quality of our services relies upon the quality of the individuals who make up our organizations and provide those services. In return, we provide outstanding career opportunities with competitive incentives and benefits packages. Realifessence seeks professional, caring persons to support our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services to our community and you can join our award-winning team.

With today’s farming methods depleting the natural mineral content of our lands, we can no longer rely on our foods to completely provide us with the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. We source for nutritional products are made from the finest ingredients, grown from the best sources and produced with the most advanced technology. Each product retains its original nutritional value, encouraging both good health and peace of mind. Because we only want the best for our highly esteemed customers, we provide only the best. Good health starts with good nutrition. 

In addition, several independent organizations that offer quality testing and allow products that pass these tests to display their seals of approval have approved of all the products recommended here in. These seals of approval provide assurance that the product was properly manufactured, contains the ingredients listed on the label, and does not contain harmful levels of contaminants. 

Hormones play a vital role in the health of women and hormonal imbalance can cause several pathological conditions. Fluctuation in hormone levels, especially estrogen and progesterone, in a female may have negative impact on her mood, sexual desire, ovulation and fertility. Hormonal imbalance can cause menopause and some other symptoms (like hot flashes and neck or shoulder stiffness).

Several factors are present which may disrupt hormonal balance and a normal menstrual cycle. Different drugs and family planning pills, improper diet, stressful or depressed lifestyles and use of drugs, stress, and many other conditions can cause hormonal imbalance. Drug use, reliance on stimulants like alcohol and caffeine, and improper nutrition seems to physically change the proteins in the brain such that they can no longer send the proper signals for normal ovulation. Other factors which can disrupt hormonal balance and menstruation include adrenal exhaustion, eating disorders, ovulation disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and abnormal cervical mucus. Hormonal imbalance can be caused by contraceptive medications and hormone replacement therapy or HRT, Too much of stress, Poor diet, Environmental reasons, including pollution, poisons, Above average consumption of non-organic and also animal products that have excessive amounts with estrogen and Cosmetics.

Signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance include changes in menstruation, acne, oily skin,  fever, fatigue, excessive hair growth, dizziness, anxiety, allergy, low sexual desire, weight gain, headache, water retention, endometriosis, urinary tract infections (UTI’s) and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Treatment options for hormonal imbalance include antibiotics, herbal and homeopathic medications. A balanced diet is also crucial for hormonal health.